Various clubs are believed to be interested in signing Federico Macheda

Federico Macheda has been a free agent since August 30 when his contract with his latest club Cardiff City was terminated by mutual consent.

It seems like he was not part of the plans of the new manager Paul Trollope as it was the English coach that left out Macheda from his first-team and the 25 year old player was eventually sent his way out of Cardiff City after having spent a little over 2 years with the club.

The question that is being asked right now is which will be the next club that Federico Macheda joins?

This is a player that appeared to have a bright future as the Italian footballer was able to receive enough recognition during his time spent at the youth academy of Manchester United which allowed him to get playing time with the first-team of the Premier League despite only being 18 years old and actually managing to make an impact in the matches that he did get time on the pitch, even though he was only a youngster.

On April 5 of 2009, Macheda was selected for the first team for Manchester United’s match against Aston Villa and the Italian youngster managed to score the winning goal for his team with a late goal that edged out a 3-2 victory for Manchester United.

From there on out, he was given sporadic time on the first team under the guidance of Sir. Alex Ferguson before being eventually loaned out to a number of clubs. Things took a turn for the worst for Macheda when the Scottish manager decided to retire and he was replaced by David Moyes and it seems like Moyes didn’t have the Italian attacker on his plans as he was released by Manchester United and joined Cardiff City.

Now that he is a free agent, there have been numerous clubs that are rumored to be interested in signing the Italian attacker including: Pescara, Napoli, Watford but all of these clubs will have to wait until the winter transfer window opens in order to have anything secured.