Prandelli Quits!

The manager of the Italian national football team, Cesare Prandelli, has quit from his position after his team’s dismal outing in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Italy was slotted in a very tough Group D, but, considering their potential, they were expected to be through. They started without any hiccups as they secured three points in their first match against England quite clinically, but, that was that for them.

Two successive loses thereafter ensured the completion of their campaign and they made their way back home completely humiliated yesterday.

Prandelli’s position was always going to be under the scanner after such a horrifying show of the team at the biggest stage of world football, but, before being handed the sack, he himself left saying that he couldn’t deliver what was expected of him. His resignation is yet to be accepted by the Italian Football Association though.

Announcing his decision to quit, Prandelli said, “If you are in charge of a certain project and that project isn’t a success, you must hold yourself responsible for that and leave your position. That’s what I have done.”

A draw in the last game against Uruguay would have been enough for Italy to take them through, but, it wasn’t to be. Yes, there were a couple of marginal decisions by the referee which went against them, but, there is no denying that they didn’t play as well as a champions side should.
One would have to say that Prandelli’s trump card Mario Balotelli let him down a little bit in Brazil. This was the World Cup in which the striker was widely backed to make a mark, but, it appeared that there was something wrong with his rhythm. He just didn’t look as energetic as he generally looks on the pitch.