Federico Macheda signed by Cardiff City

After not being able to turn into an important figure in Old Trafford despite being a player of Manchester United for over 5 seasons, Federico Macheda was released by the Premier League club and was signed on a free transfer by Cardiff City.

Upon joining Cardiff City, his time in the playing grounds of his new club have been much greater compared to when he used to be a player of Manchester United and the Italian forward is optimistic that he can score at least 15 goals with his new team but at the same time, Macheda is also aware that Cardiff City are not the favorites on winning the English Championship League title.

“Last season when I was at Birmingham and Doncaster, I scored 13 goals in four months. This season I’m playing with a better team and if the team keeps doing well, I’m sure I can get at least 15 goals. I don’t set myself a target because I always think about the team first. But I would be happy with 15. I think I’m close to being at my best.”

“I don’t say that we’re the favorite because there are lots of good teams, but I am sure that we will be up there. The Championship is a very tough league and there are lots of good teams. But we’ve got a good team too. We have to work all season for the promotion. I’d love the team to get promoted straight away. We know we have to do well for the fans and ourselves and the benefit of the club’’.

Those were the words that Federico Macheda said as he outlined some of his own vision and goals after having joined Cardiff City but the Italian forward is realistic about the possibilities that Cardiff City have on returning to the Premier League in the current season.