his rather unspectacular career was when he made the switch to Sampdoria.

The once highly rated prospect made a sterling remark when he scored two goals for the Red Devils senior squad in his first two games.

Subsequently, he was unable to hold down a regular shirt due to his undulating performances.

The striker has had several loan spells at several clubs in the English Championships and beyond. The Italian spent time at Sampdoria, QPR, Stuggart, Doncaster Rovers, and Birmingham City before joining Cardiff City on a permanent deal. He has been sent on loan again to Nottingham Forest.

The player told The Sun:

“Sir Alex Ferguson told me it would not be bad for me to go out on loan to be fit for the following season,” the striker started.

“I don’t know why I went to Italy. It was the worst mistake of my career. I should have stayed in England,” he added.

“I wanted to play in Serie A. The team wasn’t so great and I was in and out.

“I was only 19 and we got relegated so it was not the best for me. When I came back, I had to work three times harder to get another chance. It wasn’t easy,” the player mentioned on an endnote.

Recently, he advised current sensation, Marcus Rashford to keep calm as he is being celebrated in the media. He had received attention after his exploits at the beginning as well and advised that he be shielded from the media attention. He told the tale of how Sir Alex Ferguson tried to shield him as well.

“Sir Alex met my parents because he wanted me protected and to take things in the right direction. He wanted to make sure I’d continue working hard and not let any hype have a bad influence on me.

“After I scored those goals, when I went out I had people stopping me and giving me attention. I didn’t expect it. It was actually fun because it’s nice when people like what you’ve done and show their appreciation. I’m sure Marcus will be enjoying the positive attention he’s getting,” Macheda said.